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Ahmad Budi Setiawan


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems as the control unit of the smart grid has been used in almost various industries around the world in terms of automation systems. Smart grid technology combines the energy infrastructure and telecommunications and Internet networks. The system provides the operational ease and efficiency in the industry. However, the system has a lot of vulnerabilities in information security aspects that can have a major impact for the industry and even the economy. This study tried to design in building a smart grid cyber security, it includes the strategies that must be done and the information security system architecture to be built. The study was conducted qualitative in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and direct observation. Results of this research is the design strategy recommendations ddalam development of smart grid cyber security. Recommendation results of this study also intended as a suggestion-making framework for smart grid cyber security as a reference implementation of the smart grid in Indonesia.

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