Online Realtime Sentiment Analysis Tweets by Utilizing Streaming API Features From Twitter


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sentiment analysis, twitter, opinion mining, text mining


Twitter is one of the social media that has a simple and fast concept, because short messages, news or information on Twitter can be more easily digested. This social media is also widely used as an object for researchers or industry to conduct sentiment analysis in the fields of social, economic, political or other fields. Opinion mining or also commonly called sentiment analysis is the process of analyzing text to get certain information in a sentence in the form of opinion. Sentiment analysis is one of the branches of the science of Text mining where text mining is a natural language processing technique and analytical method that is applied to text data to obtain relevant information. Public opinion or sentiment in social media twitter is very dynamic and fast changing, a real time sentiment analysis system is needed and it is automatically updated continuously so that changes can always be monitored, anytime and anywhere. This research builds a system so that it can analyze sentiment from twitter social media in realtime and automatically continuously. The results of the system trial succeeded in drawing data, conducting sentiment analysis and displaying it in graphical and web-based realtime and updated automatically. Furthermore, this research will be developed with a focus on the accuracy of the algorithms used in conducting the sentiment analysis process.


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