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Nomarhinta Solihah
Muhammad Imam Nashiruddin


Today the deployment of Fiber-To-The-x (FTTx) technology is developing very rapidly in various regions of Indonesia. One of the most favorite technologies for telecommunication operators is the XG-PON, which offers high-speed internet access speeds of 10Gbps downstream and 2.5Gbps upstream directions and able to pass various services at once, such as data, voice, to video multicast (IPTV) services. However, regulation of the standardization of technical requirements for multicast services does not include this new technology, so a reference test is needed to update the regulations. In this study, testing of Optical Line Termination (OLT) devices uses five scenarios, namely the ability to pass IGMP version 2, IGMP version 3, ability to support IGMP Snooping and IGMP proxy and capacity in passing several IGMP multicast groups. The test results show that the tested OLT XGPON device can display the suitability of the IGMP message format version 2 with the RFC 2236 standard and IGMP version 3 with the RFC 3376 Standard. Whereas in IGMP proxy testing traffic, the OLT equipment displays the source IP address is, which complies with the RFC 4541 standard for the Reporting proxy process. The OLT XG-PON device tested was also capable of passing 1,024 IGMP multicast groups with a range of multicast group addresses from to

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