Implementation Scheme SLA and Network Availability Mechanism for Customer Service Provider

Hillman Akhyar Damanik, merry anggraeni


Increasingly complex network heterogeneity and network monitoring tasks become the management concentration of a large distributed production infrastructure with various business services requiring a centralized control monitoring system, with increasing network size, heterogeneity and complexity. The network monitoring and management solutions available are not only expensive but also difficult to use, configure and maintain. Manually routing pins to the wrong device on a large complex network is very complicated and time-consuming for Service Provider (SP). Thus, it is necessary to have an automatic system that immediately reports to the network Service Provider (SP) monitoring system regarding the type of error or alert, Network Availability and Service Level Agreement (SLA). This research presents the modeling design and implementation of Network Availability and SLA network systems for Service Provider (SP) organizations, by being based on open-source programming tools (Zabbix System) and intelligently integrating to monitor network devices, especially to get Network Availability and SLA parameters and values on a customer or customer. Monitoring Customers devices in the network in the form of a module alert parameter that will be applied so that it is seen and can be said to be a universal Plug & Play technology concept (UPnP). Monitoring system developed will provide value and quality of service (qos) output parameters in the form of measuring and taking test value parameters Network Availability and SLA modeling, which will produce an accurate Service Level Agreement (SLA) value parameter test, and become a reference for an agreement between a service provider and a customer. As a guarantee or link availability for the services provided by Service Provide (SP) to customers. With the SLA value fulfilled at 99.9% with a 99.5% agreement, Network availability is met with a percentage of 98.89% and Down time with a percentage of only 1% of the agreement 2%, and the latency value of the terrestrial transmission media obtained is 2 ms, from the 8 ms agreement and the obtained VSAT transmission media is 500-600 ms from the agreement latency value is 700 ms.


Zabbix, Alert Parameter, Open Source, ICMP, Raspbian, Raspberry Pi, Availability, SLA

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