Implementation of Backoff Algorithm Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) and MPLS VRF for Fast Recovery Mechanism End-to-End Multi-Circuit (E2E)

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Hillman Akhyar Damanik
Merry Anggraeni


Implementing and modeling a multi-circuit backbone technology in a service provider environment, for a multi-circuit link method with a fast recovery and redundancy process, is one of the most useful and promising developments and trends in building a policy system for mapping packet paths for future systems generation. The use of streaming video conferencing, mobile user devices and mobility, the shift from TDM networks to IP based, cloud computing services, smart cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and Content Delivery Network (CDN) are the main generators of growth. Failure mechanism and fast recovery of link failure in connectivity tested using liveness with minimum link primary value intervals (10), secondary links (20) and tertiary links (30). The smaller the interval value in the policy specified in the preference, the rule will be used or take the recovery path link action first. The process that will be experienced when the main link fails be connected or active on the secondary link. The learning process of the back-off algorithm then exchanges update packages with interconnected neighbors. The next process is 10 seconds to receive traffic from a failed link. The failure transfer link to the process will not take time, can be interpreted as a 0-1 process, and there is no packet drop and loss on the link that performs the recovery process.

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